Reuniting a Concentration Camp Family: The Epilogue

When Tom’s daughter was deciding on a topic for her doctoral thesis, she thought of her father and his childhood which included his life at Auschwitz.

As part of her research, she and her father traveled to Slovakia to meet with other family members and to search through town records.

But through all the research she did – both locally and abroad – she never ran across Eva’s name or learned how her father had survived in Auschwitz…until now.

For her, their reunification “is a good thing; but not an easy thing to absorb” since 67 years have elapsed since Tom and Eva last saw each other.

In this final interview before Tom and Eva meet face-to-face, Red Cross Volunteer Caseworker Julie Burger talks with Tom’s daughter about her thesis and her response to Eva’s search for Tom.

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About the Restoring Family Links program

American Red Cross caseworkers around the U.S. help families locate missing relatives by working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations in nearly every country around the world. Annually the American Red Cross assists more than 5,000 families trying to reconnect with their loved ones in the U.S. and around the world through the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program.

All Red Cross programs are made possible by the voluntary services and financial support of the American public. Hundreds of dedicated volunteers search tirelessly for information that will bring resolution to your case and peace of mind to you and your family.

Sue Anderson
SW Washington Red Cross Media Team

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